On-Site Corporate Trainings


Real-Time Online Lessons

The Largest Foreign Language Learning Platform, Offering Real-Time, One-on-One or One-on-Six Group Lessons.


Customized Lessons

Our consultants will arrange lessons according to your level and you’ll be able to improve your language ability one step at a time.


Customized Corporate Classes

We arrange teachers to adhere to your needs and offer on-site corporate English training.

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Customized Trainings

We meet your company’s needs for internal trainings by arranging teachers to go to your company to conduct on-site corporate trainings.


Digital Learning Platform for English and Japanese

Thousands of English/Japanese online lessons to make mobile learning more convenient.


Language Level Assessment Service

Our consultants will analyze your level, understand the challenges you face in English and create a customized lesson plan to help you improve your language ability.

Corporation’s Language Competitiveness Report

We help corporations analyze the effects of language trainings effectively and accurately!

Quick Overview of Corporations

Companies are able to quickly view critical data regarding staff’s foreign language training.

Learning Analysis for Corporations

We help managers understand the learning progress of each staff member.

Quick View of Staff Learning

Companies are able to quickly and effectively understand an overview of each staff member’s current learning situation and progress.

Staff’s Individual Learning Analysis

You are able to check and see a detailed analysis of each staff member’s learning progress.

Staff’s Lesson Details

You are able to check the lessons taken and selected by staff members.

Development Chart for Staff's Improvement

Check and analyze each staff's language level and lesson performances.


Development of Global Competitiveness for Corporations and Their Staff

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